Liquid Web Managed WordPress Review

Are you looking for the best hosting service for your fully managed business? Liquidweb has been offering one of the best managed server hosting services on the market since 1997.

With an uptime level of 99.999% of the time and 24-hour personalized attention, we are dealing with a top-notch provider with a business or enterprise-oriented proposal of excellence.

In this article we will help you decide if Liquidweb is the hosting service you have been looking for for your company, agency, business or enterprise, always keeping in mind that it offers a high level of personalized service and that is reflected in the price.

It offers its users excellent service. In this sense, it is more than a hosting service or hosting on a server. It is a company that develops high-level digital solutions.

It provides a fully managed hosting service, with complementary products also managed to achieve the best results in web space management.

It is important to emphasize this because it is a customized service that has a high price and is designed to cater to a particular audience: Businesses. We can therefore understand any company or business, but we understand that the service does not fit the needs of individual users.

The company has a strong interference in maintaining the server, but also in simplifying processes. In return, in order to manage options differently from what has been established, there is an extra step, which is to request changes that one might otherwise make on one’s own.

Analysis and features of Liquidweb Hosting

So that comparing hosting services does not become a weeks-long task, we offer you this analysis of all the features to consider when choosing Liquidweb as your final choice or comparing it with any other hosting service.

1.Ease of use 
This is a managed hosting service, which means more involvement of the provider to simplify users’ tasks. It is very easy to use, its cPanel is very convenient, and you always have human support with just one click.

This user-friendly policy also covers the rest of the products, such as your cPanel or your self-installer-managed version of WordPress that make it much easier.

2. Domain Names
Offers users the ability to register domains. The procedure is similar to that of any hosting, you must first verify that the desired domain is available and register it before selecting the length of registration which determines the price.

Searching, registering, and hosting a domain is very easy thanks to the organized and very user-friendly cPanel offered by this provider.

3. Webmail 
Guarantees a premium managed enterprise webmail hosting service. This means they provide an easy-to-use solution developed specifically for corporate users who may require anywhere from a handful of accounts to thousands.

Features of this service include antispam and antivirus, 25GB mailboxes with basic plan, automatic settings, aliases, webmail chat, and in the higher plans public folders, calendar, active directory, and many other features.

4.  Databases.
Among the highlighted services is the high-availability database with instant replication between two redundant nodes for absolute protection.

At this point we can see that this is a company dedicated to developing products for a professional audience, always striving for the highest quality. This in turn means that it does not develop cheap versions of ordinary features.

5. Applications
Its managed application hosting solutions at a high service level. Allows development teams to take care of their own tasks with the Liquidweb team as a partner to do the dirty work of updates, maintenance, and patches.

6. Storage
The services offered include storage space on the chosen medium that can be physical or cloud. You can opt for storage on a dedicated, shared or cloud server, also dedicated or shared.

Storage space varies along with price and support, which is finally chosen based on the team’s recommendations to always get a perfect solution for every need.

7. Transfer
To transfer a domain to or from Liquidweb, the procedure is very simple. First you need to unlock the domain and request the EPP code to be sent through cPanel or the request ticket depending on the hosting where it is registered or hosted.

The EPP unlock code must be forwarded to the assigned professional or registered in the new hosting through cPanel. The delay depends on the registration authority and is usually less than five days.

8. Multisite
Your user programs have no limitation on the number of sites you can host on a server. Whether it is a dedicated server program, cloud hosting or other, the limitation will be the amount of resources (memory) included in the selected plan.