DreamHost Host Review (2022)

DreamHost was founded in 1997 and has over 400,000 customers and over 150 websites, including over 750,000 WordPress sites.

What is even more compelling about DreamHost is that they offer a money back guarantee of up to 97 days.

So this means that you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the use of your DreamHost WordPress host within 3 months of purchase.

On the other hand, this means that DreamHost is very confident in their own hosting.

So today we will test DreamHost’s WordPress hosts ourselves to see if they are as good as they are rumored to be.

DreamHost hosts, like other web hosts, offer 24/7 online customer support services.

In addition, their online customer service response time is very fast, and the content of the answer can help you solve the problem immediately.

And even if you haven’t purchased DreamHost hosting services today, you can still use their online customer support services for free, this feature is no extra charge!

DreamHost also has set up a Knowledge Base help center, so you can always check the FAQs and solutions, very suitable for users looking for answers themselves.

DreamHost offers several WordPress web hosting specifications.

The advantage of this is that when you are a light user, you can choose the cheaper starter plan.

And when you are a little beginner user, you can buy a higher level of WordPress hosting, and at the same time, you can improve the performance of the host to the level you need.

Therefore, this kind of diversified hosting plan can let more users choose to use the most economical price to buy their suitable hosting specifications for use.

Here are all DreamHost host plans and host prices.

DreamHost’s Shared Hosting shared web hosting and WordPress hosting are both as low as $2.59 per month.

DreamHost’s VPS hosting is as low as $13.75 per month.

DreamHost’s Dedicated Hosting is available for as low as $149 per month.

DreamHost’s Cloud hosting is $0.0075 per hour.

Do I recommend you to use DreamHost WordPress hosting?

The answer is: Yes, DreamHost is indeed a good choice for WordPress starter hosting.

DreamHost’s hosting and service is very reliable, and the fact that their money-back guarantee is the longest in the industry at 97 days is a testament to their confidence in their hosting performance.

If you have problems with DreamHost’s hosting, their customer support is also quite immediate and available.

Moreover, when their hosts are down for some reason, they will not only give you free days, but also provide some free stuff to their customers as compensation for the free days of suspension.

And everyone is most concerned about the hosting price, DreamHost is also offering very affordable super low price ($2.59 per month).

Therefore, if you want to choose WordPress hosting, then DreamHost is worth recommending to you. Click here to buy now.